Digital tools to organise your team

Ahh work. The fruits of our labour. The bread to our butter. Fantastic when we get it right and hard to stop thinking about when we don’t. We are all aware that every area of every industry is changing rapidly to keep up with the ever evolving digital world. Along with this digital revolution and increasingly stronger internet connections came a massive upsurge of people working ‘from home’ (…in your local Starbucks sipping on lattes, stealing their wifi). It beats the dreaded commute if nothing else right? With this upward trend of working remotely lots of tools and programmes have burst on to the scene to help organise our remote working lives. Here are some below:


Digital tools to organise your work

Well, we all know this one don’t we? Simply put – It is a hub for anything you need done. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Sites are the equivalent of the well used Microsoft Office packages and just as competent. The big feature here is the live, interactive elements integrained. You can share documents amongst your colleagues immediately and they can edit it at the same time you are. Very useful for shared projects that require urgent or not so urgent attention. This also has the function of uploading large files and sharing them quickly with people remotely. Just need a good fibre optic or broadband internet connection… personally though, I miss those dial up tones.



This has much of the same features that Drive above has except that for a small price you can attain, pretty much, unlimited storage in the cloud or Google vaults. Another useful feature is you can set up custom business emails to give off that scent of a much needed profesional alor.



Digital tools to organise your team

This is a great medium to send and receive files remotely. Granted you can send files over email but there is a limit to the file sizes quite often. So if you have any big video files, audio files or projects in general to send to someone this is a good place to start. You can also upgrade whenever and gain space depending on how many people you refer. I’d make a great salesperson for dropbox wouldn’t i?


Digital tools to organise your team

Now we can’t make a list about useful work tools without mentioning the, at the time of release, revolutionary Microsoft Office packages. From Word to Powerpoint it is a one stop shop for all the important projects we do on a daily basis at work. It’s a powerful tool and has stood the test of time, with new features constantly being added.



Contrary to popular belief this is not just for gap year kids to call their parents for money from the other side of the world. The most obvious benefit to Skype for business is the amount by which it lowers costs. Skype to skype calls are free and you can have several people in on a video/audio call at once. Good stuff.



Digital tools to organise your team

One of the newer organisational applications out there with the workers precious time in mind. This can help store and track your teams timesheets and can collate data on where your team’s time is being spent on a project without having to be standing over their shoulder. It can easily create your billable time and expense sheets into professional invoices which quite often can be time consuming when building from scratch. You can choose to opt for a paid account for a small fee for an unlimited amount of space to be running at one time.



Very handy tool this. Bunch up your teams tasks in one place and slot them accordingly on a board. This board shows each task by way of importance/urgency and the status of the project from ‘working on it’ to ‘waiting for review’. It’s a good way to keep on top of everything and knowing where your team and yourself are at with each assignment that comes through. No need to keep chasing up people on those emails when you can just log on to and see exactly where everyone is at one time, in one place. In terms of cost – Free trial, then you can select if you want to carry on by paying a fee.




Essentially it’s a giant whatsapp group but for professionals. The great thing about this is the ability to have different groups running at once with only the people associated to a project in those chat rooms. It’s instant unlike an email chain. You can easily share information and files and get feedback instantly. Another good tool to keep on top of everyone’s progress. Also, when you are on amazon buying a new ps4 game, I mean, researching work… err… things on the web – you can set notifications on the browser, so you don’t accidentally miss a message from your boss!




Another great project management tool wooo! This gathers information into one collaborative location – the board. The board is made up of lists. These lists can be sorted easily into different levels of urgency and sorts the completion rate of each project. You can add cards to those lists to remember much needed information about a project. Much the same as and  you can use this in collaboration with Slack above.



This probably should have been the first on the list although, granted, it’s not digital. It may seem ridiculous to some people to add this here but it is the two most essential tools you can have on you at any time of day, wherever you are in the world. Basically you should never be without these two things unless you are hiding them under your shirt in an exam with the answers written on… that’s cheating.